SM Voice Advocacy limited

  (SMVA limited)

SM Voice Advocacy limited

  (SMVA limited)

SM Voice Advocacy limited

  (SMVA limited)

About Us

SM Voice Advocacy Limited is an independent organization that provides Supported living placements and Community care and support for Older persons and adults with Learning Disabilities across  Berkshire, West Berkshire and Hampshire. Our organization is registered and regulated by CQC. Our latest inspection was completed in April 2018 with a GOOD rating. Please visit CQC website for further information.

Aims and Objectives

At SM Voice Advocacy, we are committed to providing high quality service and person-centred care to all our service users.  

  • to promote  health and emotional well-being of individual service users receiving our service .We put our customer’s needs and interests at the centre of the process, whilst helping them to achieve a person centred recovery in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. SMVA limited values diversity and equality hence we encourage inclusion, choice and involvement to all -individuals we support. Our main ethos is to continue to offer excellent support provision and to always put our service users first.
  • to provide personal care and practical assistance with essential or useful tasks in order to support people to live in the community, as independently as possible, with a key focus on improved quality of life.
  • to ensure every service user’s needs are met according to their personal life choices, cultural and ethnic preferences whilst supporting them to live their life how they want to, free from discrimination or harassment of any kind.
  • to support service users with respect, acknowledge their right to personal freedom, choice in daily living, to support and build the personal dignity and self-respect.
  • to ensure that each service user can exercise self-determination, choice and control in their daily lives and championing the personal dignity and self expression.
  • to support service users in managing and maintaining their economic wellbeing, choices for work, paid or unpaid, management of their personal income, benefits and funds to support their independence
  • to support service users to access and participate in work, voluntary work or other activity in their local communities and to gain recognition for their positive contributions
  • to safeguard all service users and staff from all elements of abuse and poor practice
  • to build outstanding partnerships with our commissioner clients, Service Users, their families and our employees
  • to enable employees to further develop their professional care skills, by supporting and providing appropriate training and career development as required.

Recognise the individual need for personal fulfilment and offer person-centred programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy that need of service users and staff


The focus of all our services is to support and promote the independence and rehabilitation of Service Users, and integration into the wider community, to enable and empower greater levels of independence, choice and community living as a result.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Service users will always be treated with respect and consideration given to the need for privacy. We are sensitive to the fact that due to the nature of the service provided.

Service User Involvement & Consultation

All service users will be involved in the decision-making process of how the service is delivered, including all daily routines within their home.

Health Care

Part of the care planning process will be to ensure that all service users are registered and are supported to utilise the services and benefits of relevant health care facilities, according to their needs and wishes.


We encourage and support all service users to take control and manage their own affairs, wherever practically possible.

Social Activities, Hobbies, Leisure Interests and Religious Requirements

We will support service users to access their chosen social, leisure and recreational opportunities both internal and external to their home.

Complaints and Compliments

We recognise and support the right of all service users to complain about the service, if necessary. There are no restrictions upon issues for complaint and we guarantee that no reprisal will be taken against anyone who complains.

Move On Tenancies

We can assist people in finding suitable accommodation, serviced by landlords with a greater understanding of the type of service user that will be supported.

Support/Care Plans

Planning is essential to ensure that the service is appropriate to the service users needs. The registered manager will ensure that plans are suitable, adequately implemented, checked, reviewed and changed, where necessary.

Quality Management

The quality of our service depends on the experience of our management and abilities of our staff as well as our registered manager.

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Nominated Individual & Registered Manager:

Name: Samukeliso Mbatha

Address: SM Voice Advocacy Ltd, 65 Milton Close, Basingstoke  , Hampshire , RG24 9BY

Call: 01256 5602601 / 0118 996 0639